Our Mission

In pursuit of unlocking additional value in media for brands and clients since 2009. A client-first orientation remains a defining feature of our company culture and attitude. Our acquisition by Adknowledge in 2014 has allowed us to continue growing and innovating in the fast-paced digital video industry.

David Segura

Vice President/Founder

Ben Arnold

Vice President, Operations

Nic Delorme

Vice President, Product & Engineering

Mohammad Ali

Senior Sales Director

Chris Whitman

Senior Sales Director

Bart Bullock

Sr Director of Strategy and FP&A

Vivek Bhaskar

Senior Director, Engineering

Jeremy Stewart

Director, Product Management

Jackie Mayer

Director, Account Management

Franco Vuono

Account Director

Michelle Rivera

Account Director

Bella Simon

Senior Account Manager

Jordan Williams

Account Coordinator

Sandy Woodruff

Account Coordinator

Emily Goldmanis

Content Marketing Manager

Kelvin Chung

Senior Graphic Designer

Allen Tran

Ad Operations Manager

Journey Kan

Sales Operations Manager

Katelyn Grossman

Sales Operations Coordinator

Marco Pouyat

Sr Manager, International Business

Costante Mancini

Business Development Manager, EMEA

Doug Harris

Business Development Executive

Syma Mian

Business Development Executive

Karen Scott

Publisher Account Manager

Somil Chandwani

Senior Software Engineer

Dan Kram

Software Engineer

Kevin Eppinger

Software Engineer

Deebu Jacob

Software Engineer

Kenneth Chiu

QA Manager

Victoria Morse

Office Manager

John Ashford

Business Analyst

Noelle Fischer

Account Manager

Dominic Doan

Ad Operations Intern

Omari Joseph

Content Marketing Intern

Matt Varela

Sales Intern

Jordana Morfin

Content Marketing Intern

Melanie Heyside

Accounts Intern

Alex Klüg

Content Marketing Intern

Jordan Lucier

Software Engineering Intern

Rujul Gupta

Sales Operations Intern