What We Do

Native Video Distribution

Giant Media’s native video distribution provides engaging, high quality video placements across desktop, mobile and tablet environments. We also provide contextualized placements to ensure your core audience is reached. Our network of premium publishers allows for a relevant mix of targeted publishers that best fit each campaign.

Video Production

Giant Media offers the distinct opportunity to pair distribution with video production in one seamless content marketing campaign. Our in-house social communications team provides concept ideation and script, talent sourcing and integration, as well as best practices. As native video experts, Giant Media has unparalleled insight into creating successful video content ranging from episodic content to celebrity vignettes.

Influencer Activations

We work with a wide scope of influencers from celebrities to Vine stars to develop branded content activations, delivering each client’s message through trusted voices across targeted social channels to drive consumer engagement and earned media scale.

Content Creation

Giant Media’s in-house creative team creates original, engaging branded content for our clients, ranging from original editorial content such as quizzes and listicles to visual elements such as GiFs and infographics.

Earned Media

Our editorial activation team crafts messaging designed to catch editors’ attention. Editorial outreach quickly hits hundreds of targets across multiple verticals and our relationships with editors and writers generates buzz and conversation for the brand’s content. The result is unpaid editorial coverage that drives awareness and action for the campaign.

Advanced Retargeting

From serving videos to your audience in a sequential manner, to targeting pools of viewers that have shown high engagement with similar video content, our advanced retargeting will work to drive as much value as possible.

Reporting Dashboard

Giant Media measures success on its ability to generate views and earned media while optimizing towards watch-thru and click-thru rates. Our Reporting Dashboard provides real-time data for all video data throughout every campaign.