What We Do

Giant Media is the leader in premium video distribution for advertisers, delivering more relevant and immersive brand engagement through a superior user experience.

Outstream Video Distribution

Giant Media’s outstream video distribution network provides contextually relevant video placements across a wide variety of premium desktop, mobile and tablet environments. With 218 million unique monthly unique visitors, comScore ranks our native publisher network as the second largest in the United States.

Advanced Targeting

Our data-centric platform provides advanced targeting and retargeting capabilities. Through both first-party data and integrations with the world’s leading data providers such as Oracle Data Cloud, LiveRamp, Crossix, Blue Kai, Rubicon and others, we offer over 40,000 custom audience segments. We reach the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

Content Marketing

For a truly immersive brand experience, Giant’s in-house content marketing team can create original content for your brand. Using the voice of the publication with the messaging of the brand, we can create custom articles, infographics, how-to’s, long-form stories and other article formats written by subject matter experts. We know what works!

Native Content Distribution

Giant Media’s native content distribution network places your branded content right in the editorial feed where users are consuming contextually related content. Our vast network allows us to find a relevant mix of targeted publishers that best fit each campaign and help you find the right audience.

Data Optimization

From advanced targeting to in-campaign adjustments, the Giant platform is built on its proprietary data analytics capabilities. We maximize your key performance indicators by making subtle changes during a live campaign to capitalize on the real-time data trends we see.

Influencer Activations

We work with a wide scope of influencers from celebrities to Vine stars to develop branded content activations, delivering each client’s message through trusted voices across targeted social channels to drive consumer engagement and earned media scale.

Video Production

Giant Media offers the distinct opportunity to pair distribution with video production in one seamless content marketing campaign. Our in-house content marketing team provides concept ideation and script, talent sourcing and integration, as well as best practices. As premium video experts, Giant Media has unparalleled insight into creating successful video content ranging from episodic content to celebrity vignettes.

Reporting Dashboard

Giant Media measures success on its ability to generate views and earned media while optimizing towards watch-thru and click-thru rates. Our Reporting Dashboard provides real-time data for all video data throughout every campaign so you have 24/7 access to the campaign metrics that matter.